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Welcome to Chutty

Here at Chutty, we create striking designs that will grab attention, strengthening your business's identity through logos, colours, images and graphics.

The look of the site isn't the only factor to consider. It's important to ensure that it's quick to load - a stunning site that annoys users will not do your company justice. We can incorporate Flash, Ajax and the latest web 2.0 looks without sacrificing website loading time.

There is nothing worse than being unable to find what you're looking for on a website because it is too complex. We ensure that your site navigation is clear and easy to use.

Some clients know exactly what information they want to include on their site. Others don't, and we can help by creating clear and informative copy that can promote your business effectively.

We aim to create web sites of high standards ensuring code meets W3C standards and compliancy.

Once live, we can provide you with the tools to manage, through content mangement solutions, and run your website, with contact forms, email addresses and detailed statistics for your site usage, so you can gauge its success.

Featured Work from Portfolio

food-who pays the price?
Mini promotional and informational content site for TVE and IFAD part of the World Debate series BBC World. Visit

From the time the program was recorded in Rome to the final website was less than a week. The site went live just a few hours before broadcasting on the BBC.