"Quality, bespoke web design need not cost the earth"


Good design need not cost the earth. Considered and purposeful is how we try to work. Wherever possible we use open source. Websites are in HTML and CSS using PHP and MYSQL on APACHE LINUX Servers. This not only reducing the cost to you, but should you require extra functionality and scale up your website, there is a lot of support in terms of resources and programmers.


This is the space required to hold your website on the world wide web. We rent space on a Telehouse based server world renowed for its reliability. I can register domain names for you and provide email addresses. If we manage your hosting for you we can work faster at troubleshooting. And this, of course, saves you money.

Print Media

There is a need for consistency with your online presence and your offline business presence. We can provide print solutions and graphical preparation for letterhead, brochures, business cards, pamphlets and promotional product logos.

Free Consulting

If you're thinking of building a web site, or you already have a site that you don't think you're making the most of, get in touch and give us a brief summary of your project and how we can help. The catch? There is none. Still, we got bills to pay just like you, so if you're interested in the ideas and feedback we give you through our free consulting, we can prepare a detailed report with more in-depth analysis and charge you for our time (excluding the free consultations, of course). If you want to leave the consulting at some useful suggestions - that's fine and there is no charge whatsoever.


We have worked successfully with freelance graphic designers, web application developers & small businesses to complete projects. We can assist with web front end graphic design, information architecture, CSS template creation and hosting solutions.

SEO & Analytics

It is important that your website is working for you. We design in such a way that the final site is optimised for search engine compatibility.